Bulgarian Association of Legal Experts

Established on the basis of an existing structure of professional relations between recognized and proven experts, evaluators, and arbitration experts.

We offer high quality services and information in accordance with the best practices, stipulations and professional ethics.


Years of judicial practice


Representative offices throughout Bulgaria


Experts in various fields

  • Our team

    We have a team of over 50 established experts in their field – economists, engineers, doctors, computer specialists, chemists, biologists, as well as professionals with management experience in the industry, transport, technology and academia.

  • Representatives

    We have 20 offices and regional structures. Our representatives are included in the list of experts at the Sofia City Court, Sofia Regional Court, Sofia District Court, Arbitration Courts, as well as in most regional courts throughout the country.

  • Competence

    Our experts have licenses and certificates proving their competence and special knowledge in the respective field. This allows us to provide competent advice and the preparation of expertise needed for the needs of the law enforcement system at all levels.

We offer expertise expert assessments ascertainment forensic analysis apportionment optimization